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Laboratory / Inspector

Recruitment number: 1 people

Accommodation: Accommodation

Education requirements: college or above

Work experience: no

Gender requirements: Male

Age requirements: 22 years of age or older -40 years of age

Job requirements:

First, job requirements

1, with fine chemical industry, daily chemical, chemical analysis or microbiological examination;

2, strong sense of responsibility, good conduct, with good analysis and judgment ability, communication ability, planning and execution ability;

3, living in Haojiang district is preferred.

Two, job responsibilities

1, responsible for the implementation of the ingredients, finished product, the production environment sampling micro inspection work plan, the formation of micro inspection report.

2, responsible for the implementation of micro inspection procedures and technical specifications, correct, feedback is not standardized phenomenon.

3, participate in the company related technical quality training, analysis activities, to provide technical support for production activities.

4, responsible for the management of micro lab.

5, the completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership.

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